Compliment your conference or event with Cirque Entertainment events designed to WOW your most important Clients. Whether it’s participating in a cirque style workshop – or enjoying a fully produced Cirque Style Show. No matter how big or small the venue or event – Cirque Entertainment is here to help customize your event and create an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


An acrobatic adagio act is a lyrical dance based act involving ‘lifts’ where the ‘base’ lifts the ‘flyer’ into the air to hold poses. An adagio act is usually performed by a man and woman , with slow and controlled movements – and usually performed with a romantic focus. The acrobatic nature of the lifts takes the adagio out of the realms of “pure dance genres”  and into the incredible world of Cirque, Circus, and other Variety Programs. 


Aerial Bartenders or Champagne Chandeliers are a unique and visually stunning entertainment concept for any event.

Cirque Entertainments aerial bartenders performs on our unique – custom built ground and aerial props, serving champagne (or your choice of drink), and interacting with your guests, and making them feel involved in the spectacle!

Our Beautiful and talented aerialists will entertain, interact, and pour drinks to your guests at any live events fashion show, award night, product launch or grand opening, holiday corporate party or even just fun private events or VIP parties. 

Our custom built Aerial Bartending Props can be used as a ground prop – or an aerial prop, making it virtually possible to be placed ANYWHERE and to be used for ANY event – giving your next event the incredible WOW factor that it’s been missing. 


Our Aerial Chandelier is a Stunning unique custom made prop that can either be hung in the air or used as a ground prop.  Standing 14 feet tall, this apparatus is gorgeous by itself as decor, or living decor with our artists performing beautiful tricks and maneuvers inside the apparatus.

Our Artists could also serve drinks to guests from this apparatus.

Our Chandelier is a Gorgeous, Multi purpose apparatus that is the perfect WOW factor needed at any event, party, reception, or any special occasion.


Whether made of Chiffon or net, the aerial hammock act is a perfect act for atmosphere work or as a solo specialty act.  The hammock acts can also consist of more than one performer which takes the tricks and combinations to another level by adding adagio and partnering tricks high above the ground. 


Suspended in the air, our aerialist twirls and maneuvers through a whirling hoop performing stunning feats of grace, beauty and flexibility in a blend of strength, technique and artistic expression. While hanging upside down and showcasing his/her flexibility, and dynamic tricks, the element of difficulty and danger will captivate any audience and leave them breathless.


Our incredible musicians have taken their musical talents to new heights.  Our amazingly talented musicians will amaze your guests with their ability to play a huge range of music, whilst spinning and rotating high above you. Our Aerial Musicians are Perfect entertainment for: Gala Dinners, Corporate Events, weddings, VIP parties, Product Launches, and any other fun event that wants to raise the WOW factor. 


In a stunning display of grace and strength at heights reaching up to 30ft, our Aerial silk artists perform above the audience on a variety of beautifully colored lengths of fabric, performing breathtaking aerial dance moves which requires agility, flexibility and enormous acrobatic skill for their combination of poses and death defying drops.


most think of this act as the “flying man”. This incredibly acrobatic aerial act uses a fast wench motor to pull the artists up and down, allowing the artist to fly high above and around the audience. Such strength and grace and a mix of gymnastics and aerial acrobatics make this act an incredible specialty act that will keep the audience in awe. Whether it’s a solo or a duo strap act, this performance is sure to keep your audience wanting more.


In contrast to the other forms of trapeze, the static trapeze refers to a trapeze act in which the performer moves around the bar and ropes, performing a wide range of movements including balances, drops, and hangs while the bar itself stays generally static. The ropes play just as important part as the bar. Our experienced artists will perform difficult maneuvers and skills with grace and style making every move look effortless.

Aerial Treble Clef


A one of a kind unique aerial apparatus. In the Shape of a musical symbol, the Treble Clef, spins and hangs 7 feet long. This beautiful apparatus truly is a gorgeous work of art by itself, but combined with our aerialist performer who contorts her body into beautiful shapes in, around, and hanging from the treble clef, has turned this apparatus into a masterful and stunningly beautiful aerial act.  It’s literally, “music in the air”.


Our “Atmos-Sphere” Globe, Sphere, or Bubble… whatever you want to call it, can be placed on land or water – and have a beautiful contortionist, or model placed inside for your special event, pool party, property launch, or any fun party or event. Our “Atmos-Sphere” is a fun WOW factor for any occasion. 


Our stunning Atmosphere Moon apparatus is also multi purpose. It can be hung in the air, or used as a ground prop, and has the capability to rig another aerial piece, hand loop, aerial hoop ect. from the top inside of the prop. This prop is so versatile, and is a gorgeously stunning piece that is sure to take your event ‘out of this world’.


In chair balance acrobatics, one or more acrobats balance on one or more chairs. The chair(s) may be balanced on other objects and/or on just one or two legs while the acrobat(s) themselves perform balancing acts on the chair. The excitement and danger rises as the performer climbs higher and higher into the air. 


Our LED lighted Champagne Tree is a unique and custom built ground apparatus, that makes a fantastic addition to any event. This prop is completely self contained. No plugs or electrical cords needed. Our LED lights are controlled by remote, and can change colors to suit your events theme. Along with our living decor, and our artists performing beautiful poses and moves throughout the apparatus,

Our Performers can also pour champagne to your guests.

Another perfect and multi purpose and versatile apparatus that is perfect for any event, party, reception, or special event.


The Cirque Pole Is an innovative act that has been reinvented to encompass all the best components of cirque balancing and pole acts. From the Grace, Strength, and Flexibility it takes to master this beautiful apparatus, This Act is a visually stunning Act that is perfect for any parties and events, indoor and outdoor. 

Our Stilt – Pole Act, is one of the most unique Pole acts around today. This Unique combination of Stilt Walker and Pole Act combined is visually stunning, and incredibly impressive.


Also the life of the party!, Clowns are comic performers stereotypically characterized by the image of the circus clown‘s colored wigs, stylistic makeup, outlandish costumes, unusually large footwear, and red nose, which evolved to project their actions to large audiences. Clowns are an incredibly fun addition to any party, function, or event. Some clowns also paint faces, twist balloons, walk on stilts, or even walk on rolling globes. Always a hoot, and a must for parties and events! 

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Contortionists never cease to amaze while the body bends, folds and accomplishes seemingly impossible and almost non human shapes and configurations with alarming ease. Some contortions also incorporate an extra element of balancing the contorted body on hand, single foot or mouth, often on tops of props. With highly controlled discipline, skill and focus, these extraordinary artists inspire awe in audiences wherever they perform.


Witness the art of juggling being transformed into a spectacular performance peace, as our artist spins the cube around his body, launches it into the air and then dives acrobatically through the whirling frame creating an amazing light show as the light bounces from the cube. The artist masterfully manipulates the cube with dexterity and complete control in an infusion of acrobatic movements, this act is both mesmerizing and refreshingly original. 


The performer stands inside the Cyr wheel and grasps its rim, causing it to roll and spin gyroscopically while performing acrobatic moves in and around the rotating wheel.

This Act is fast paced and dizzyingly mesmerizing, and is becoming a very popular act for many special events… especially with the LED Cyr Wheels (that can portray logo’s and other words or phrases), and our Specialty Fire Cyr Wheels Acts.


In contrast to the other forms of trapeze, on static trapeze the bars and ropes mainly stay in place. A single artist will do poses, drops, and other tricks above and below the bar; the ropes playing just as important part as the bar. A partner act or a duo trapeze act will involve the partners working together — supporting each other’s weight, throwing, lifting and catching each other. 


This act stretches the limits of physics! With the artists ability to balance on top of another partner and contort themselves to such extreme shapes and positions with such control, stretches the level of comprehension of all audience members. The equilibristic maneuvers are astounding to watch. A definite act that fits the bill for every event.


Whether its Juggling pins with fire, fire eaters or blowers, Or Flying high on Aerial apparatus’s or spinning around on Fire Cyr Wheel’s… Fire acts are sure to create the right amount of spark and danger elements to any event or show. Always hot and tantalizing, this act always get a great reaction from the crowd.


The German Wheel is also known as the “human hamster wheel”. This crowd pleasing act is especially suited for larger scaled stages and open areas while they work within, around, and on top of the rolling wheel and maneuver it with skillful acrobatic turns, and ‘coin like’ spins. 


This act stretches the limits of physics! With the artists’ ability to balance on their arms, and contort themselves to such extreme shapes and positions with such control, stretches the level of comprehension of all audience members. The Artists balance on tables, Chairs, Handstand Canes, and other props. The equilibristic maneuvers are astounding to watch. These artists can work almost anywhere – which makes them a perfect act for any Event, Party, Launch party, Wedding, as Decor, or atmosphere, or their own Act. 


one, two, three, or 20 hoops are spun, manipulated, tossed in the air and twirled around the artists’ body. This act takes our child hood innocent activity to extreme new levels. Artists use acrobatics and contortion flexibility and even comedy to spin hoops around not only the waist, but the ankles, knees, wrists, and neck. The hoopers also add other exciting elements such as the beautiful and exotic taping, or the use of LED lighting to create yet another amazing element to this act. This fast paced act is great for every show, and event, and can be performed pretty much anywhere. 


These incredible and “multi tasking” performers use a wide range of imaginative tossing props, from the traditional balls, clubs, rings and torches, to chainsaws and m&m’s and even LED Balls and Clubs.  Many Jugglers also combine comedy with their act which adds twice the fun!!


From Ground acts to Aerial Acts, to Juggling props, and Costumes. LED is whats “in” today. They bring another dimension and a WOW factor to every Act, prop, and Costume for any Event. 


From Stilt Walkers, to Ball Walker, to Jugglers, and champagne Dress Characters, and other Strolling LED Costume Characters, We have amazing LED Costumes and Characters that interact with guests and bring another element of visual excitement and fun to any event.  


Bring the party to life with Living Decor — from our Custom Built Unique Props – champagne Tree, Atmosphere Moon, Chandelier, Champagne Dresses, and more. Living Decor is an exceptional addition to events that brings the WOW Factor. 


Our Cirque Mime can tell a story with just their body movements or their facial expressions. These artists are perfect for any function and are mesmerizing to watch!

Quick Change act


Our Quick Change Artists puzzle the minds of their audiences with staggering, High Fashion costume transformations, which happen in front of our incredulous eyes in fractions of a second. Mixed in with a Death defying Magic Illusion Box… Whether presented on stage, ballroom or arenas, their elegant metamorphosis are simply mind boggling, unbelievable and always a Huge hit with every Audience. 


These beautiful performers create an enchanting display of beauty, color, and motion, as they combine the extreme flexibility and agility of gymnastics and the fluid rhythmic movements of dance, and add the skill and artistry of the cirque style as they manipulate ribbons, balls, and other props.


Higher and higher they go, one cylinder at a time, as these amazing rolla bolla balancing artists build a precarious tower of cylinders and boards on top of a pedestal. With assured confidence and superior skill, these performers ascent to new heights of eight and nine cylinders high! Truly Spectacular! 


The speed, grace, Sexiness and danger elements involved in the roller-skating acts is a thrilling addition for your next event. Performing on circular platforms. This Act is a huge crowd pleaser, and can work inside or outside, for events, launch parties, specially events, and so much more. 


Rolling Globe performers have a centuries old legacy. These atmosphere strolling performers are perfect for all events since the characters costumes can be themed in many ways – from Cirque Style Costumes, to LED Costumes, and Mirror Man Costumes… and so much more. Our Globe Walkers can also walk on the globes while juggling different props. 

Russian Bar act

Russian Bar act

Russian Bar act


This unbelievably death defying act is an exciting favorite with all audiences! While two porters hold a 4 inch wide flexible bar that stretches 14 feet long across their shoulders toss a flyers up to 30 feet in the air while the flyer executes and perform a series of dangerous and thrilling jumps, flips and twists while they land flawlessly back on top of the bar. This specialty act is truly breath taking and amazing! You might have also seen them perform on America’s Got Talent 2011, Britney Spears Circus world tour 2009, and Recently “The Greatest Showman” starring Hugh Jackman. This World Famous Act is one of the most dangerous and Exciting acts to have at your events if you’re looking for that incredible WOW Factor for your guests – This is the act to book! 


Guaranteed to attract attention. Our stilt walkers are a perfect addition to any event, trade show booth, Product launches, VIP Parties, and Themed events.These performers’ costumes can be customized to fit any event and theme. Some popular themes include: Clowns, balloon artists, Mardi Gras and cirque characters. Jumping stilts are also quite amazing as the performers combine many different styles of jumps, twists, and flips. Our latest 13 foot LED Dresses are an Amazing Wow Factor


Our Cirque Style strolling characters are perfect for any event. From Themed Costumes, LED Costumes, Champagne Servers, Stilt Walkers, Roving characters… they’ll interact with guests, and help make your events even more spectacular. 


Cirque Entertainment has custom built apparatuses that are the most spectacular WOW factor for guests including our Champagne Tree, our Atmosphere Moon, Chandelier, Aerial Treble Clef, and so much more. Most of these props are versatile – they can be a ground prop or an aerial prop  – and our artists can also serve Champagne from the apparatuses… Multi-purpose… Multi-function, and 100% WOW