Reception Talent

Custom Aerial Circus Equipment Décor for Events

Elevate your event with our brand-new living custom aerial circus equipment décor and Unique ground/aerial Atmosphere Props to add that WOW factor your clients are seeing for. We offer wide selection to choose from including aerial hoop equipment décor, chandeliers, champagne trees, moon apparatuses, and more.


Cirque Entertainment’s living circus theme party decorations include our Aerial Chandelier. This piece is a stunning unique custom- made prop that can either be hung in the air or used as a ground prop. Standing up to 14 feet tall, this apparatus is gorgeous by itself as décor, or living décor with our artists performing beautiful tricks and maneuvers inside the apparatus.

Our Artist could also serve drinks to guests from this apparatus. 

Our Chandelier is a Gorgeous, Multipurpose apparatus that is the perfect WOW factor needed at any event, party reception, or any special occasion.


Our LED lighted Champagne Tree is a unique and custom-built ground apparatus, that makes a fantastic addition to any event. This prop is completely self-contained. No plugs, or electrical cords needed. Our LED lights are controlled by remote and can change colors to suit your events theme. Along with our living décor, and our artists performing beautiful poses and moves throughout the apparatus. 

Our performers can also pour champagne or other beverages to your guests.

Another perfect and multipurpose and versatile apparatus that is perfect for any vent, party, reception or special event.


Our stunning Atmosphere Moon apparatus is also a multipurpose piece. This piece of our living custom aerial circus equipment décor can be hung in the air or left on the ground. It also has the ability to rig another aerial piece, hand loop, and aerial hoop from the top inside of the prop. This prop is so versatile and is gorgeously stunning piece that is sure to take your event ‘out of this world’.

Aerial Moon


A one of a kind unique aerial apparatus. In the shape of a music symbol, the aerial Treble clef spins and hangs 7 feet long. This beautiful apparatus truly is a gorgeous work of art by itself but combined with our aerialist performer who contorts her body into beautiful shapes in, around, and hanging from the treble clef, has turned this apparatus into a masterful and stunningly beautiful aerial act. It’s literally, “Music in the air”. 

Aerial Flora

Our one of kind, Unique,  Aerial Flora, is an LED Aerial Chandelier apparatus. The LED Balls can change color to fit any theme of your event. This gorgeous Aerial apparatus will leave a lasting impression and will be talked about amongst party goers and clients for months to come. Our Aerialist performer can also serve drinks, take pictures with clients, and create beautiful shapes inside and around the Aerial Flora. 


Our Sway Poles performers take the audiences on a journey as they tell a story of love through the air. With courtship and discovery, broken hearts and bending poles to impossible angles, these Sway Poles play out messages of love, freedom, loneliness and joy from above.

Whether you are hosting a corporate event, wedding, gala dinner, cocktail hour, trade show, convention, street parade or festival, these aerial Sway Pole performers are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on every guest and audience member as they sway back and forth whilst interacting with the crowd.


Our LED Champagne Dress character is a fun and interactive living décor. Our enchanting colorful LED Dress lights up in alternating colors, or solid colors to fit the theme of the event. Guests will love being able to walk up to our character, take a selfie picture, and pick up a drink from the dress, instead of waiting in long lines at the bar for a drink. 

Learn more about our living custom aerial circus equipment décor for your next event.