With over 26 years of experience, Cirque Entertainment has established itself as the premiere source of special event entertainment. Our team of talented professionals are ready to assist you in crafting the event of your dreams. We are dedicated to setting a new industry standard, evidenced by our distinct style, original ideas, and commitment for our clients.

Our Company provides Live Cirque Entertainment for events all around the world. No Event is too small or too large. we can provide the perfect entertainment for your special occasion and upcoming events.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from the opportunity to develop unique performance ideas to match with our highly specialized skilled Cirque Entertainment Performers from event to event. Cirque Entertainment Services include but are not limited to: original Cirque Entertainment ideas for Corporate meetings and Shows, Specialty Events, Award Ceremonies, Casinos, Hotels, Product Launches, Trade Shows, Festivals, Fairs, Concerts and Sporting events.

A Good idea becomes a Great idea when you let it out. Let Cirque Entertainment help make your good idea become a great one!

Our Team

Our team members bring their talent

Konstantin Sandou

Born in Moldova, Konstantin Sandou studied the physical and circus arts from a very young age and obtained a teaching and coaching degree from the institute of Physical Education and Sport in Moldova. Konstantin has had over 20 years of professional entertainment experience.  He is an accomplished aerial strap and silk artist, a dynamic cube balancing performer, and a base catcher for the internationally- acclaimed Sandou Trio Russian Bar Acrobatic Act. Among his performing Skills, Konstantin also works as a show creator and Producer, and designing and creating unique props for his company, Cirque Entertainment.

Cassie Sandou

Cassie Sandou was born in Price, Utah. She began training as a gymnast at the age of eight. Her work ethic, and dedication to the sport helped her attain an elite level, and she continued all the way thru college before she transitioned to the wonderful world of Cirque and the Circus Life.

Cassie is an accomplished performer on the Russian Bar, several aerial acts, and The Quick Change Act.

In 2009, Cassie and the Sandou Trio Russian Bar Act performed with Britney Spears and her Circus Tour that traveled all over the world. She was a Semi Finalist on America’s Got Talent, and has been featured on the Television Show, Baskets – starring Zach Galifianakis, and the 2017 Movie, The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman – performing on the Russian Bar.  Cassie has also performed in several shows on the Las Vegas Strip, including Zen Magic, The Ultimate Variety Show and Vegas! The Show, and she also performs for Specialty Events with Cirque Du Soleil, NBA Halftime Shows, and many other specialty and corporate events in every Casino in Las Vegas.

With over 11 years of professional experience in the Entertainment Industry, Cassie and her Husband, Konstantin – who has over 20 years of professional experience in the Entertainment Industry, have started their own company –  Cirque Entertainment – that provides Cirque Style of Entertainment – from Specialty Acts, Unique and custom built props, costumes, and makeup and so much more to bring to the Entertainment industry.

With so much knowledge, experience, passion and drive for the entertainment industry, Konstantin and Cassie are the perfect power couple to push boundaries, and constantly “up the game” for clients and their events.